7 Habits of the Highly Effective Team Coach

1. Overcome your fear of the group Everyone feels tension standing in front of a group. And even if you have learned to control your fears, then you can still imagine something bad to happen. A worst case scenario. Preventing this is what controls your behaviour, consciously or – likely – subconsciously. Better be aware […]

Six steps on the intervention ladder of the team coach

The purpose of an intervention is to help the team understand their own reality (level 1), see this reality from a different perspective (level 2), understand their very process of reality construction (level 3).   Inexperienced coaches often intervene too quickly and too strongly. They want to take a stand for example (‘It seems you […]

Six puzzles for the team coach

1. Who is your client? Probably the team! you say. However, in real life only very few invitations come from the team itself. It’s the managers, project leaders and team leaders who seek help, ‘on behalf of’ or ‘for’ the team. I don’t mind if my first contact is with the principal, but it’s impossible […]